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The Nerd Approach® to PR is rooted in good, old-fashioned research.

Elements the matter


Strategic Analysis

An honest look at strengths and weaknesses. Taking advantage of opportunities. Exposing any threats.



How will you present  your business or agency to the world using today's technology?



Realistic and achievable benchmarks allow you to check your organization’s progress.

Custom-Priced Packages

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Additional Services


Trademark Applications

Looking to trademark your brandname and logo? Let The Nerd Approach™ do the registration work.



Let's talk about the look of your brand, incorporating your vision.


Chatbot Programming

Interact with your customers immediately -  24/7 - even when you're not there!


Got content? Allow The Nerd Approach™ to beef up your blog with relevant and timely posts.

Promotional Videos

Video is the number one way to catch the eye. The Nerd Approcah™ can create videos that pop.

Simple Web design

Make your presence known on the web! The Nerd Approach™ can personalize your content on any WordPress theme.


Need a simple newsletter on a monthly or quarterly basis? Let's chat!


Got content? Affordable management packages that provide content not only for your Social Media accounts but your blog, too.


Actually.. that future is NOW. Let The Nerd Approach® promote your brand with video.. and get it ready for "what's next."


How are you keeping in touch with your customers? The Nerd Approach® can help you maintain good customer service.

Results-Driven Research

The Strategic Communications Plan

You need a strategic communication plan that will help you: 
• set communication goals
• explore current communication weaknesses and threats
• recommend tactics and strategies 
• set benchmarks to check your progress along the way. 

Learn more about The Nerd Approach's® comprehensive Public Relations plan.

Blog posts

Just finished working on a new website for Dr. Eliza Belle, Licensed Psychologist. We'd worked together on her first website, and I appreciate her for trusting me with the revamp.
Social Media Marketing... what's that again?

Social Media Marketing... what's that again?

You hear people talk about social media marketing plans, but figuring out how to put a plan together can be tough to do.  Where do you start? What...
This is the "mobile-first" era

This is the "mobile-first" era

We are now living in the mobile-first era. This was a topic at the American Marketing Association annual conference last week in Las Vegas. There ...

The Nerd

Ebony Hall

As a former journalist turned PR strategist, I love communications and research. The Nerd Approach® allows me to combine the two.

In the process, I get to help organizations like non-profits, corporations, and agencies. I can help them improve their communications with clients, customers, employees and more. I am an award-winning former news anchor, talk show host and reporter. My undergrad is in Broadcast News. My Masters is in Strategic Public Relations. I am a proud graduate of The George Washington School of Political Management.

I am currently Marketing Coordinator for a non-profit. Under my leadership, we have won several MarCom awards for content creation (videos and e-books). I maintain the website, the blog, social media and developed two video franchises for the organization. My efforts there have earned our organization new business and helped position it as a thought leader in its field.